Top mattress MYTHOS

Top mattresses made by SCHRAMM: unique items are exclusively handcrafted, tailor-made down to the smallest detail according to both the parameters of the human body and the individual’s habits and preferences. For example, different spring tensions operate inside the mattress because different parts of the body have different weights. The pelvis – accounting for app. 42% of the total body weight – must be supported more powerfully than legs or waist in order to compensate pressure and to relieve the strain from spine and muscles.

The patented shoulder cavity (1990) was particularly designed for side-sleepers. To allow the shoulder to dive gently into the mattress, springs of a reduced tension are used in this area along with a highly resilient cotton ticking which provides for additional relaxation. This way, the delicately differentiated spring tensions support every spot of the body to the required extent: highly elastic instead of soft, strong but not uncomfortably tight.

For different body weights SCHRAMM offers the models DIVINA and MYTHOS in 5 different formulas: even force progression and high flexibility based on different spring tensions.


Silk / Linen

Silk features a shiny Iuminousness with a smooth and pleasant touch while being light and supple at the same time. It offers a good thermal insulation, cooling during summer and warming during winter.

French virin sheep‘s wool, Plein Air

Plein air wool is obtained 100% from French free-range sheep. This wool is not exposed to any pesticide load at all. The sheep always live in their natural environment in fresh air. This makes the wool much stronger because it has to withstand wind and weather.

Natural latex with air chambers

Latex (rubber) is an elastic raw material obtained from the milky liquid of the rubber tree. SCHRAMM Talalay latex is certified according to the „STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®“. Incidentally, the use of this naturally renewable raw material also ensures a clear environmental conscience.

Padding support

Cotton double-layered

Hard-wearing and absorbent plant fibre with good moisture resistance. It is part of the padding in all SCHRAMM mattresses and base mattresses.

Canvas cover


6-coil-springs, oven tempered after winding, each handsewn into individual cotton pockets.

Basic upholstery Talalay-Latex
Handcrafted SCHRAMM tacking (blind tacking) The handcrafted tacking (blind tacking) attaches the naturally processed upholstery materials to each other without gluing them, thereby providing for dimensional stability and excellent breathability.
Spring suspension Integral pocket spring core with delicately differentiated spring tensions along the longitudinal axis of the mattress; even force progression for an outstanding body support.
Tempering Thermal furnace. Entirely handcrafted in the SCHRAMM manufactory.
Selection of mattress formulas corresponding to personal well-being

According to the different weights of individual body parts, different spring tensions with pressure relieving effect are installed along the longitudinal axis of the mattress. *5 formulas for different body weights:
One: up to app. 55kg
Two: from app. 50kg up to 75kg
Three: from app. 65kg up to app. 90kg
Four: from app. 80kg up to app. 125kg
Five: 120kg or more

*These specifications are based on long-term experience and do not replace a personal testing of the mattress by any means.

Cover Ticking 03711 (63% CV, 37% CO)
  On demand also available as removable cover in jersey-piqué 05510 (60% PES, 40% CLY)
Zipper Zipper for joining two mattresses (optional, surcharge). Not possible for MYTHOS with removable cover.

Experience the SCHRAMM quality

Visit your nearest SCHRAMM dealer and be advised by our experts, or visit our showroom in Winnweiler in the beautiful Palatinate region and get unique insights into the SCHRAMM bed manufactory.
The best hotels treat their guests with SCHRAMM beds. Take advantage of this for an extensive lying trial and sleep in a SCHRAMM bed for one or even several nights.

Matratze Federn

Schramm Krone

Handmade in Germany

Since 1923

The internationally successful premium brand SCHRAMM combines traditional craftsmanship with a high degree of innovation and works beyond the usual mass production. In 2023, the bed manufacturer celebrates its 100th anniversary. Proven traditions pave the way to the future - SCHRAMM stands for long-lasting values and sustainable quality.