The crowning glory of your mattress: a luxurious topper by SCHRAMM

With a luxury mattress topper, your elegant box spring bed with its unique mattresses and their thermal-furnace-tempered springs enjoys the perfect connection for sleeping culture. You will experience an incomparable bed climate thanks to the interplay of bed, mattress, topper, pillow, duvet and bed linen.

Artisanal quality presents itself in each and every exclusive product. Together they create a coordinated system that guarantees a relaxing sleep and meets the highest standards. Hand-selected, natural materials are used for the filling and cover. They ensure a healthy sleeping environment and a thoroughly pleasant feeling. Classic linen corresponds with cool cotton, pure silk, precious cashmere, soft down and pure camel hair. SCHRAMM is where traditionally proven fabrics and materials, nearly one hundred years of experience, innovation and passion all converge. The result is a mattress protector on which you can relax as you lie down, dream and fall asleep with ease, no matter the season. With its awareness of sustainability and environmental protection.

SCHRAMM gives you the certainty of having chosen a high-quality product. With SCHRAMM, let yourself be pampered as you dream, enjoying exclusive materials and sleeping as if on a cloud.

Sleep as if on a cloud with your mattress topper

Sleeping is as individual as you are. A host of factors determines not only how it feels to fall asleep but also the quality of your sleep. These include anatomical aspects such as height and weight, but also sensations of temperature and personal sleeping habits. While some prefer a rather soft mattress with a medium-firm, others value firm support. The double-mattress system by SCHRAMM meets your individual wishes and requirements down to the last detail. The subtleties of your point-by-point responsive top mattress and the sturdy, elastic base suspension due to the bottom mattress range from the patented Secondary Contour Adaptation to the likewise patented shoulder zone. The smooth topper completes the mattress.

Select from among different versions of mattress protectors. Conventional gel foam or cold memory foam toppers with synthetic gel or visco material offer elasticity, but SCHRAMM offers you exquisite natural materials including compositions of cashmere and silk, down fillings of different densities, natural camel hair and the finest cotton. This creates an environment of lasting comfort for the night. With breathable, moisture- and temperature-regulating properties, the selected materials combined with finest workmanship help provide the best bed climate.

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Topper Lotus Light

A bed topper in a class of its own, extra-light, both sides wrapped with jersey pique, with high-quality polyester fill fibre. Pleasant in summer and winter and of course machine-washable (30 °C).


Topper Lotus Nature Camel

The extra-fine, boned camel hair fabric of the Lotus Nature Camel mattress topper not only ensures pleasant lying of a high comfort level, but also optimal climate balance - both in summer and winter.


Topper Lotus Nature Cotton

Naturalness is the key: Our Lotus Nature Cotton mattress protector, with 100% natural cotton from controlled organic cultivation, creates a perfectly tempered, healthy and absolutely natural sleeping climate - not only for purists.


Topper Lotus Nature Down Light

Goose down was already used in ancient times to fill particularly comfy pillows. Even then, people appreciated the pleasant characteristics of the softness and lightness of down. Due to their structure, they also have excellent heat-insulating properties. You can experience this luxury first-hand on our Lotus Nature Down Light mattress pad. The down mattress topper is a sumptuous and ultra-soft cushioning that convinces every sleeper.


Molton fitted sheet

The Molton layer is a mattress cover that serves to protect the entire lying surface of your mattress. It is skin-friendly, moisture-absorbent and temperature-balancing.


Proof fitted sheet

The Proof fitted sheet is a hygienic protection for your mattresses. The top side of the covering is made of double cloth jersey without any disturbing rustling effect. It is a particularly high-quality and stable design.

Elegant materials for your sleeping pleasure

SCHRAMM offers you the ideal mattress pad that performs perfectly in combination with your mattress. Together with the bed and the covers, the result is an individually designed bedroom that suits you perfectly. Here you can relax by day or concentrate on your work with your laptop. You will also find calm and a pleasant sleeping climate at night. The mattress topper protects your exclusive mattresses to extend their hygienic service life. With double beds, a mettress topper bridges the transition between the two mattresses to create a continuous lying surface.

Depending on your preferences, the filling of your mattress topper with cotton, cashmere, silk and camel hair turns out softer or firmer. SCHRAMM’s holistic approach always considers your bed as a whole, the modular structure, design and materials of which should complement each other. This is how you can create your perfect box spring bed precisely tailored to your needs – from the bed construction to the pillow. Mattresses, toppers, pillows, duvets and covers are made of soft down from geese raised in species-appropriate conditions in Germany’s Münsterland region, delicate camel hair, soft cashmere wool, pure, natural new wool or fine cotton. These materials caress your skin, providing warmth or coolness and ensuring pleasant ventilation throughout the sleep and rest phases.


Mattress toppers in cashmere, silk, cotton and camel hair

Only the best materials are used in the manufacture of SCHRAMM mattress protectors. When it comes to healthy sleep, naturalness takes top priority. A family-owned company, SCHRAMM is committed to sustainability: environmental awareness and a sense of responsibility shape the entire production process. The box spring beds are made using wood from regional suppliers. Mattresses, toppers and bedding are manufactured using tried and tested natural products. The classic is down. The down used at SCHRAMM stems from geese raised in Germany. We offer the down used in our mattress toppers in different densities: compared to Lotus Nature Down Light, our cosy mattress topper, Lotus Nature Down, a mattress topper with a greater volume, wraps itself around your body on all sides. Cashmere is one of the most precious types of wool and can only be obtained from the cashmere goat once a year. Soft, smooth and temperature-balancing, cashmere is the ideal filler for mattress protectors. Together with silk, it offers you exclusive sleeping comfort. Silk has always ranked among the very special fabrics. SCHRAMM uses this soft, skin-friendly natural material, with its versatile thermal insulation, for luxurious cushion fillings and along with natural cashmere in the Lotus Nature Cashmere Silk mattress topper. Camel hair is a fibre with special properties. It provides warmth in the cold and cools when temperatures rise. Lotus Nature Camel is the ideal mattress topper for sensitive people.

Our skin-friendly Molton topper made as a fitted sheet, with its moisture-absorbing and temperature-balancing properties, is suitable as additional mattress protection over the entire lying surface. The range is rounded off by the Lotus Nature Cotton mattress topper, which is made with a natural cotton filling. Cotton develops its cooling and moisture-regulating abilities when used not only in covers but also as filling. If you seek a mattress topper with added firmness, a pure cotton model is the perfect answer.

Luxury mattress toppers as individual as your sleeping requirements

The mattress protectors have a breathable upholstery core completely lined by silk/linen and new wool on both sides. Experience a wonderfully comfortable lying feeling as you enjoy the way it balances your sleeping position and your sensation of temperature. The interplay of the unique double-mattress system and the luxurious topper guarantees utmost sleeping comfort.

A mattress protector of pure down provides classically soft lying comfort in a single or double bed. It is perfectly ventilated, so you can spend the night in a balanced sleeping climate. The mattress topper with natural cashmere silk filling offers you pure luxury. Balanced firmness, fine temperature and moisture regulation characterise this mattress topper, which gives you a regal feeling when you lie down. A luxury mattress topper with natural camel hair filling is a sought-after companion through the night all year round. It cools in summer and provides warmth in winter. These layers are available in different sizes to match your mattress. The result is a modular, holistic concept that suits all facets of your sleep.

Depending on your current mattress, you can choose the matching mattress topper, such as a double mattress topper or one for your super king size bed. A top layer made of feathers, microfibre or an anti-allergy latex topper provides pressure relief and creates a cloud-like sleep surface. 


Conscious comfort with sustainability

SCHRAMM views itself in a long tradition. For nearly a century, this family-run business has been active in the field of upholstery and the construction of exclusive mattresses for a discerning clientèle. The love of natural materials in mattress systems, mattress toppers and bedding also entails careful use of the environment and its resources. For the wood it uses, SCHRAMM works exclusively with regional suppliers who run nature-friendly forestry operations and practice forest maintenance. Mattress toppers as well as the mattresses are carefully crafted with natural materials. Complementary accessories from the Home Collection range are made by selected manufacturers that use only the finest materials. Mattress, toppers, bedding and covers exist in dialogue with one another, dovetailing with precision to offer you all-round sleeping comfort. At the same time, your mattress protector is a contribution to sustainability: it will extend the service life of your mattress.

The best mattress toppers for a relaxing sleep

SCHRAMM meets the entire array of conditions for a healthy sleeping climate. Individual areas always interrelate in holistic ways, with materials selected to the highest standards. Artisanal skills, the pursuit of innovation and attention to detail are what make a top mattress from SCHRAMM so special. For Schramm, you and your ideas are always the centre of attention. When it comes to choosing the right mattress protector, the focus is also on your individual sleeping requirements. Not only the choice materials but also the small details, such as a washable cover, make all the difference when sleeping. Pamper yourself with silk, down and cashmere and enjoy your mattress with the right mattress topper as an individual haven of peace and retreat – day and night. When buying your new mattress, the right top layer is the icing on the cake.


Experience the SCHRAMM quality

Visit your nearest SCHRAMM dealer and be advised by our experts, or visit our showroom in Winnweiler in the beautiful Palatinate region and get unique insights into the SCHRAMM bed manufactory.
The best hotels treat their guests with SCHRAMM beds. Take advantage of this for an extensive lying trial and sleep in a SCHRAMM bed for one or even several nights.

Matratze Federn

Schramm Krone

Handmade in Germany

Since 1923

The internationally successful premium brand SCHRAMM combines traditional craftsmanship with a high degree of innovation and works beyond the usual mass production. In 2023, the bed manufacturer celebrates its 100th anniversary. Proven traditions pave the way to the future - SCHRAMM stands for long-lasting values and sustainable quality.