Especially in times as hectic as they are today, many people have lost their balance. The pressure of everyday life is steadily mounting. Shutting down and relaxing in the interest of a better sleep is more important than ever before. Today, a relaxing night’s sleep is a recognised factor for a healthier life and is becoming more and more appealing. SCHRAMM has been manufacturing made-to-measure beds and mattresses for the premium sector since 1923. Rather than rely on short-term success, the internationally successful company has a commitment to long-term stability. This is particularly true of the company’s consistently enhanced sleeping systems. Only high-quality, breathable natural materials are used here, ensuring maximum moisture wicking and thus an excellent bed climate for your lying surface.
Anyone who has ever slept on a bed or mattress from SCHRAMM will never want to miss this comfort again. A person can relax nowhere better than in a perfectly constructed bed frame.

SCHRAMM bed ranges

Since 1923, the manufactory has done its best every day – so that its customers can do their best every day, too. To help develop top-flight, premium products for the best sleep, craft techniques and work steps have been handed down from one generation to the next. SCHRAMM constantly reinterprets this standard from the past to the modern day for its ORIGINS & ORIGINS COMPLETE, PUREBEDS and GRAND CRU bed range.

SCHRAMM beds for the highest standards

Origins Complete Juna

Beds that make your dreams come true

Assemble your very own custom SCHRAMM dream bed from countless possible design combinations, whether a single or double bed, whether with an upholstered headboard or entirely in wood. Of course, SCHRAMM also offers you the option of custom-made or bespoke beds and bed frames. There are no limits to the sizes or feature options available to choose from. Design your luxury bed to fit perfectly into your bedroom.

Each of our exclusive beds can be complemented by the matching piece of occasional furniture, such as an upholstered bench for additional storage space. With our personal and individual advice, you can discover which bed suits you best. Choose from preconfigured design models, or use our modular system to compose your own contemporary, modern bed. Nothing is impossible. 

The wooden bed frames and bedsteads are of high quality and form a stable base. Complemented by the SCHRAMM mattresses, a headboard and if required with a footboard, bedroom furniture and elegant bed linen from the HOME COLLECTION, such as a cosy duvet, the result is an all-round perfect bed. Every sleeper will find their preferred mattress size, such as king size, kingsize or superking, among others. 

Beds by SCHRAMM – for complete sleeping comfort

There are two factors that must be right to ensure a good and relaxing sleep: on the one hand, people lose half a litre to two litres of moisture each night. This makes it important to see to it that the bed and bed frame receives the best possible ventilation. Upholstery materials are joined to one another using elaborate stitching (SCHRAMM blind stitching) and are not glued in the customary, virtually airtight fashion.

On the other hand, there are many factors to consider based on an individual’s anatomy. Since 1923, SCHRAMM has maintained the traditional upholstery technology of the double-mattress system, consisting of the spring bottom mattress and the pocket spring core mattress. SCHRAMM does not simply place a mattress on a slatted frame. Crafted purely by hand, unique items are created in Germany that accommodate the parameters of the human body along with individual habits and preferences – down to the smallest detail.

The unsurpassed sleep comfort offered is based on the synergy effect of the dual mattress system (box spring) composed of a highly elastic, flexible top mattress and a substantial, stable reactive base mattress. Select the mattress of your dreams from a comprehensive range of handmade spring and pocket spring mattresses with individual, finely differentiated spring tensions and perhaps a motor-driven base mattress. Always combine SCHRAMM top pocket spring mattresses with SCHRAMM base mattresses. Only then the optimal effectiveness, the bed climate and the sleeping comfort can be guaranteed.

Origins Complete Ono

Clear design – today and in the future – with SCHRAMM

SCHRAMM beds and mattresses are in a class of their own, and comfortable or simply cosy, but that is not enough. Colours such as red, beige or blue – and the vocabulary of design of the bed and the materials used in the covers and mattresses – all play a decisive role. SCHRAMM occasionally collaborates with established designers such as Hanne Willmann or Sebastian Herkner to compose exclusive creations for the bedroom. In cooperations, designer beds are created that meet and exceed aesthetic expectations to a high degree. The ORIGINS product range offers a large selection of upholstered beds, wooden beds and sofa beds. You can specify the fabrics, leathers or how the wood should be lacquered according to your wishes and therefore individually style your bedroom.

Before long, the premium brand will enter the second ‘SCHRAMM century’. Besides the focus on values and traditions that has made SCHRAMM one of the leading luxury brands in Germany, the company still wants to constantly evolve and offer its customers the best in top-class sleeping comfort. The result of a competent and comprehensive consultation is a modern designer bed that integrates wonderfully into your bedroom and becomes an eye-catcher in the room. 

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Experience the SCHRAMM quality

Visit your nearest SCHRAMM dealer and be advised by our experts, or visit our showroom in Winnweiler in the beautiful Palatinate region and get unique insights into the SCHRAMM bed manufactory.
The best hotels treat their guests with SCHRAMM beds. Take advantage of this for an extensive lying trial and sleep in a SCHRAMM bed for one or even several nights.

Matratze Federn

Schramm Krone

Handmade in Germany

Since 1923

The internationally successful premium brand SCHRAMM combines traditional craftsmanship with a high degree of innovation and works beyond the usual mass production. In 2023, the bed manufacturer celebrates its 100th anniversary. Proven traditions pave the way to the future - SCHRAMM stands for long-lasting values and sustainable quality.