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Anyone who has ever slept on a mattress system from SCHRAMM will no longer want to do without this comfort. Because especially in today's very hectic times, we humans have recognised that restful sleep is an important factor for a healthier life. There is nowhere better to relax than in a perfectly thought-out sleeping system. The customised beds and sleeping systems have always been made by hand using traditional methods. This unique craftsmanship is based on decades of experience.  SCHRAMM makes an important contribution to the best sleep. Unique pieces are created in Germany by pure handwork, taking into account the parameters of the human stature and the habits and preferences of the individual down to the smallest detail.

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Since 1923 and into the future

100 years of the best in sleeping comfort – Handmade in Germany

SCHRAMM is an internationally successful premium brand that combines traditional craftsmanship with a great deal of innovative capacity and works beyond standard mass production. This year, the bed manufacturer celebrates its 100th anniversary and offers the promotional model LIMITED CUBE 1923 for this anniversary.

Proven traditions pave the way for the future – as SCHRAMM stands for long-lasting values and sustainable quality.

With the well-known comfort of SCHRAMM sleeping systems, sensible use of natural materials and sustainable craftsmanship, SCHRAMM has made a name for itself all over the world. Karl Schramm, Sr., founded an upholstery and saddlery in Alsenborn, Rhineland-Palatinate, in 1923. In 1965, his son, Karl Schramm, Jr., specialised in the production of first-class mattresses and bottom mattresses. This is followed by the company’s own bed creations, fully integrated double-mattress systems and a total of four patents for the best sleep.

Around 200 employees work at SCHRAMM, which includes a mattress production department, an upholstery department, a carpentry and a sewing department. There, individual customer wishes are masterfully fulfilled. Over 10,000 mattresses are produced in Winnweiler every year. These ensure a sustainable investment in the best sleep.

  • Ueber-uns-Geschichte-100Jahre-Beginn

    Where it all began

    SCHRAMM’s success story began behind this door in Alsenborn, Rhineland-Palatinate.This is where the first mattresses were produced –and where the first foam-cutting machine was commissioned. In the 1970s, the workshopwas intermittently used as an in-house photo studio.

  • Ueber-uns-Geschichte-100Jahre-Visitenkarte

    Still without a brand image

    Karl Schramm’s first business card featured nothing more than his name and a brief address.

  • Ueber-uns-Geschichte-100Jahre-Werkzeug

    Historical saddlery and upholstery tools

    Particularly beautiful and equally rare pieces are this tack hammer and the needles.Both provided a valuable service, particularlywhen extracting old upholstery nails orstitching by hand.

  • Ueber-uns-Geschichte-100Jahre-Logo1

    The first brand image

    SCHRAMM brought out its own first logoin the 1960s – a cat.

  • Ueber-uns-Geschichte-100Jahre-Drell

    Quite colourful indeed

    In the early years, bedding was usually stored in the bed box by day. That was why the drill absolutely had to be beautiful to behold; presented as quite colourful, it matched the rest of the interior.

  • Ueber-uns-Geschichte-100Jahre-Federkern

    Attention to detail

    Expert eyes check the cylindrical springs individually hand-sewn into cotton pockets for perfect workmanship.

  • Ueber-uns-Geschichte-100Jahre-Polsterbett-70er

    Upholstered beds of the 1970s

    SCHRAMM upholstered beds were availablewith adjustable head and foot ends. The ‘AIRLIFT’ system in use at the time was of immense help with the adjustments.

  • Ueber-uns-Geschichte-100Jahre-Logo2

    The typographical era

    Once the cat in the SCHRAMM brand imagehad served its purpose, geometrically shaped charactersgave the logo a clearer and more memorable look.

  • Ueber-uns-Geschichte-100Jahre-Werbung

    Away from the mainstream

    SCHRAMM was already running advertising campaignsin the 1970s that attracted a great deal of attention. One adfeatured a sleeping woman in a nun’s habit lying alongside a nude woman with the wording: ‘There are saints and sinners, and SCHRAMM has the right mattress for them all.'

  • Ueber-uns-Geschichte-100Jahre-junges-Bett

    The ‘Young Bed’ of the 1980s

    Cover fabrics in fresh colours and the contemporarydesign language of the ‘Young Bed’ made a beautifulappearance in every setting and in interiors of all styles.

  • Ueber-uns-Geschichte-100Jahre-Logo3

    Communication to the point

    For many years, points were awarded for the best sleep quality. More than just a symbol for the shape of a mattress, the dotted line offered an indication of point elasticity and craftsmanship.In the 1980s, ‘SCHRAMM Matratzen’ became‘SCHRAMM Werkstätten’. At a time when other companies had turned to fully automaticproduction, SCHRAMM affirmed its clear commitment toartisanal manufacturing quality.

  • Ueber-uns-Geschichte-100Jahre-Polster

    Craftsmanship with experience and care

    The exact fitting of a headboard covering requires most artisanal skill and years of experience. What was true then remains true today.

  • Ueber-uns-Geschichte-100Jahre-Brand

    A black day

    24 March 1982 went down in company history as a‘black day’. That was the day when the recently completed production hall in Alsenborn was completely destroyed by fire. The damage done affected more than the property. There were massive delays in delivery, and production bottlenecks had to be offset through the strength and commitment of the entire workforce.

  • Ueber-uns-Geschichte-100Jahre-Bett-90er

    The ‘Tuin’ bed of the 1990s

    The modern spirit of the era in combination with understated elegance. The comfortable headboard offered relaxed reclining and was adjustable as well.

  • Ueber-uns-Geschichte-100Jahre-Schreinerei

    Individuality is found in the details

    Each item of furniture requires new settings,tools and work steps on the machinery in the carpentry shop.

  • Ueber-uns-Geschichte-100Jahre-Logo4

    Carpe noctem – seize the night

    SCHRAMM presented itself with this logo in the late 1990s. The logo was given a Latin name and thus an internationally identical claim as well as a crown.

  • Ueber-uns-Geschichte-100Jahre-Naturmaterial

    Natural materials

    By 1989, SCHRAMM was already processing13.75 tonnes of new wool a year. Light as a feather and high in quality, new wool is processed with other exquisite natural materials to create the upholstery of a SCHRAMM mattress.

  • Ueber-uns-Geschichte-100Jahre-Produktion

    A factory of dreams

    Since 1998, the generously proportioned, modern manufactory in the midst of Palatinate nature in Winnweiler has offered the space required to house an advanced manufacturing organisation and artisanal processing techniques.

  • Ueber-uns-Geschichte-100Jahre-Handmade

    Dream team

    With their comprehensive expertise, employees in the carpentry shop, technical workshop, upholstery facility, made-to-measure tailoring and mattress production all devote skillful precision crafting and great personal commitment to create top-class sleeping comfort.

  • Ueber-uns-Geschichte-100Jahre-Werbung-2020er

    Escape the ordinary

    With this ad campaign, in the early 2020s SCHRAMM created a revival that resulted in positive feedback from all quarters.

  • Ueber-uns-Geschichte-100Jahre-Logo5

    Crown and claim

    To mark the 100th anniversary, the brand image of SCHRAMM has been deliberately scaled back and dispenses with playful elements such as the crown. The sole focus now is upon the brand name and the claim.

SCHRAMM 100 Years Celebration

The 100th anniversary and the associated history of the internationally successful premium brand was celebrated in June 2023. Together with our partners and many friends, SCHRAMM is looking ahead to continue the brand's success story. Here's to the next 100 years.

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