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Producing something ‘by hand’ is inherently associated with appreciation – a handmade product consciously recognises a tradition, a craft, a material, a culture and the people behind them. The same holds true for the customer.

For SCHRAMM, this appreciation is essential from the outset, thanks to production that is ‘Handmade in Germany’. SCHRAMM creates unique luxury mattresses, mattress systems and beds for the best possible sleep – entirely by hand. Design beds from SCHRAMM stand for pure luxury. You can choose from various product lines such as ORIGINS or PUREBEDS.

Characteristics of a SCHRAMM mattress

Matratze Federqualität

Springs of outstanding quality

The SCHRAMM pocket spring mattresses N°1, DIVINA, MYTHOS and HEAVEN are made exclusively from springs that have been thermally tempered after winding and are permanently elastic, resistant to fatigue and pressure - worldwide unique. A pocket spring core made of oven tempered springs has a significantly stronger restoring force, it has memory and is not subject to wear.

Use of natural materials

Human skin is our natural bond with our environment. It loves contact with natural materials. Cotton, virgin sheep's wool, silk, linen, cashmere and camel hair support the skin's natural moisture loss and have a pleasant effect to the sleeping person. The materials adapt wonderfully to the body and enable optimal regulation of the bed climate and temperature sensitivity.

Experience the SCHRAMM quality

Visit your nearest SCHRAMM dealer and be advised by our experts, or visit our showroom in Winnweiler in the beautiful Palatinate region and get unique insights into the SCHRAMM bed manufactory.
The best hotels treat their guests with SCHRAMM beds. Take advantage of this for an extensive lying trial and sleep in a SCHRAMM bed for one or even several nights.

Holistic sleeping comfort in a class of its own

Matratze Federn

Tempering makes steel strong and tough. A high degree of hardness results in a high resistance to deformation of shape and breakage, preventing the loss of restoring force and ensuring lasting elasticity. The steel is slowly heated to very high temperatures for this purpose and then slowly cooled back down again. Furnace-tempering is a form of quality ripening process – of the sort one would apply to a good wine or a delicious cheese. Unique worldwide – only by SCHRAMM.

The pocket spring core fabric made of cotton is superbly suited for wicking body moisture away from the mattress and ensuring the best air circulation. Vertically integrated in the pocket spring mattress, the springs permit optimum pressure balancing when lying down. The combination of different spring strengths creates a flowing force progression so we can create up to five different hardnesses. There is a range of different firms for every sleeper types, which can be pressure-relieving after the right personal choice has been made. The materials used and the various natural fibres are temperature-regulating and ensure a good night. Find the bed of your dreams that combines luxury, design and, above all, comfort all in one

Perfect functionality in your luxury mattress by SCHRAMM

With own patents, such as the shoulder zone (1988), the Secondary Contour Adaptation S.C.A. (2003), the Two in One bottom mattress (2011) or the triple-mattress construction from GRAND CRU (2012): for three generations, SCHRAMM has stood for all-embracing sleeping comfort and perfect functionality in the area of sleep. Conventional solutions often use slatted frames – not so with SCHRAMM. At the bed manufactory, the bottom mattress or box spring forms the basis of a SCHRAMM bed, ensuring a restful sleep. SCHRAMM is and remains one of the increasingly rare family-run businesses in Germany. Expertise, a sense of responsibility and discipline are the steadfast links in a discerning production chain, with perfectly shaped furniture that can ultimately bear the ‘SCHRAMM’ label.

One of our first-class pocket spring core mattresses is MYTHOS. With the integrated patented shoulder zone in MYTHOS, the luxury mattress has been developed specifically for side sleepers. Made entirely by hand using only the best natural materials. The choice of the right firmness for the MYTHOS pocket spring mattress plays an essential role. A sprung mattress that is too firm will not guarantee you the best possible night's sleep, instead, a medium-firm version may be suitable. Through the selection of different spring core formulations, the support of every pocket spring mattress is individually tailored to your body weight and shape. A made-to-measure pocket spring mattress for the best sleep. A matching luxurious topper, such as the Lotus Nature Camel or the Lotus Nature Cotton toppers, will provide the absolute crowning glory for your luxury mattress. Depending on your needs, the pocket mattresses are also available in anti-allergy and anti-microbial versions. A wide range of sizes such as king size or super king are also available and will make you sleep heavenly.

Patent Schulteraufnahme

The four mattress patents of the SCHRAMM manufactory

1. The patented shoulder zone (1988)
As a so-called ‘side sleeper’, one relies on a high point elasticity. The shoulder must be able to sink in without ‘going under’. This is where reduced spring force and the deliberate use of elasticity come into play, through soft, highly elastic cotton fabric that nevertheless provides gentle support. The spine thus retains its natural S shape.

2. The patented Secondary Contour Adaptation S.C.A. (2003)
Depending on the individual body shape, the bottom mattress can be independently and continuously raised and lowered by up to 2 cm in the shoulder and pelvic areas. With noticeable optimisation, this technology creates the ‘bespoke suit in the sleeping area’.

3. The continuous TWO IN ONE bottom mattress (2011)
Perfect lying without the bother of a middle strip – yet with effortless transport through narrow staircases: the foldable and however continuous base in double-bed format.

4. The patented triple-mattress system of GRAND CRU (2012)
The basis of GRAND CRU, the European-patented triple system, begins with the handmade Divan bed base. The hourglass-shaped springs are both produced and strapped by hand in the best upholstery tradition. The ingenious dynamics of the springs in the base structure activate the delicate interplay with the differentiated spring force of the Silhouette intermediate mattress. These intermediate springs support the N°1 top luxury mattress made of high-quality materials so it can nestle even more effectively to the body shape.

Keep your mattress fit and flexible for many years

As with new shoes, the SCHRAMM mattress in your bed will need to be broken in. During the first few weeks, it will adapt completely to your body and its individual contours: natural materials such as Talalay latex, new wool, cotton and synthetic materials solidify exactly where special pressure is exerted, as in the shoulder and pelvic areas and in the main lying zones. The pocket mattress ticking is stretched in these areas at the same time. Slight wrinkling is a quality feature for a highly flexible and adaptable mattress. Sleep marks are signs of personal usage that represent the natural adaptation of the mattress to its user. Attention should be paid to use across the full width of the pocket mattress. The luxury mattress should be turned monthly during the first year to evenly distribute the loads of body weight. After that, if possible, turn the mattress four times a year with the seasons.

Please note that the SCHRAMM top mattress can work properly only in tandem with the SCHRAMM bottom mattress. The double-mattress setup is based on a highly efficient combination of our functional and flexible top mattress and our sturdy, very responsive bottom mattress. Without these two components, a box spring bed would not offer even half of its comfort and appearance.


All of course “Handmade in Germany”

Making use of their comprehensive expertise ranging from traditional handcraft to sophisticated production organisation approximately 200 staff members in the carpenter, technical engineering, upholstery and tailor workshops manufacture high-end sleeping comfort with utmost handcraft precision and considerable personal dedication. The accurate blending of classy materials, a well rehearsed team of sensitive hands and expert knowledge achieved for decades make a SCHRAMM bed what it is: perfectly “Handmade in Germany”.

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