SCHRAMM base mattress – right from the ground up

The unsurpassed sleeping comfort of the double-mattress system stems from the synergy of a highly elastic, flexible top mattress and a sturdy, very responsive base mattress. Choose from an extensive range of exclusively handmade pocket spring core mattresses with finely differentiated, individual spring force formulations, patented shoulder zone for side sleepers and much more. The right bed base is also essential for the best possible sleep and and a feel-good atmosphere in the bedroom. There are different types in terms of firmness and also in regard to the structure of the matrial layers, the choice is yours.

Base mattresses. With or without adjustment options.

SCHRAMM bed bases are available without adjustment option, and in five manually adjustable and ten motorised versions. Eighteen sizes are offered as standard, along with special sizes such as single, king size or super king as desired.
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SCHRAMM bottom mattresses. Without adjustment option.

To develop its full impact, the customer-tailored, sensitively responsive top mattress requires a sturdy, elastic base suspension. The SCHRAMM spring lower mattress (box spring) absorbs kinetic energy across its entire surface and evenly cushions pressure to provide the best sleeping pleasure possible in your unique bed.

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The manually adjustable mattress bases by SCHRAMM.

The manually adjustable bed bases are available in five different versions. Here, head and foot sections can be adjusted manually to reflect your wishes. This base suspension is well-thought-out down to the tiniest detail – for your very own personal sleeping experience in your SCHRAMM bed.

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The motorised bed bases by SCHRAMM.

Bring yourself in any position you wish. Whether to watch TV or read, to relieve your legs or spine – your bed moves the way you want it to, quietly and continuously. With near-silent adjustments by remote control – experience the secret for perfect relaxation now.

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Personalised sleeping comfort thanks to the spring bottom mattress


Choose from among three versions of fixed foundations (UM-0, UM-0 2in1 and UM-0-SCA-MOT) at SCHRAMM. Depending on individual body shape – such as narrow or wide shoulders, pronounced or unpronounced hip and pelvis contours, or during pregnancy – the bed base can be independently and continuously raised and lowered by up to 2 cm in the shoulder and pelvic areas. Through a noticeable optimisation – similar to adjustments for a comfort seat in a car – this technology creates a ‘bespoke suit in the area of sleep.’ 
SCHRAMM mattresses are composed of several layers of material that are padded in their natural form without compression or chemical hardening. The adaptation of a new mattress to the body contours and weight occurs during the first weeks or few months. It first needs to be “broken in” the way new shoes must be broken in.

Use the patented Secondary Contour Adaptation S.C.A. to assume the desired sleeping position over the entire service life of the bed base. In conjunction with the correct spring force formulation of the top mattress, this adjustable fine-tuning feature defines the optimum lying position for stable and maximum sleep comfort.

Always use a SCHRAMM top mattress with a SCHRAMM bed base UM-0 to UM-421. This is the only way to optimally ensure functions, bed climate and durability. The highest safety standards are a matter of course. The low-voltage motors of the MASTER 200, MASTER 400 and JUNIOR 100 ranges feature integrated mains-free operation.

Every single component that forms a SCHRAMM bed, such as the bed frame, the headboard and the sleeping system, is manufactured entirely by SCHRAMM step-by-step in-house.

The triple mattress system GRAND CRU for which a European patent has already been issued is based on the handmade base Divan and complemented by an intermediate mattress and the top mattress GRAND CRU N°1. The divan is a product that is entirely handmade. 

Bottom mattresses/box spring

Not a conventional slatted base, but the  foundation or box spring forms the basis of a SCHRAMM bed. It is spring-loaded to provide the perfect base suspension for the top mattress and completes your SCHRAMM item of furniture to turn it into an artisanal masterpiece. Less expensive manufacturers in this area of box spring beds, however, often use a wooden base structure as a mere accessory, without springs. These are not real box spring beds, just beds with a box spring loo. While standard cold foam mattresses are combined with a slatted bed bases and act across the entire surface, at SCHRAMM you will find a system of top and bottom mattresses that perfectly conform to your body. Some under-beds also provide storage space or drawers, but for this, the so important solid foundation and the suspension as a basis are abandoned.

The bed foundation is the essential component of every SCHRAMM bed. This is because the SCHRAMM double-mattress system is based on this same, highly efficient combination of a functional top mattress and a sturdy, very responsive bed base. Without both components, a box spring bed would not offer even half of its comfort and appearance. Thank to high quality, eco-friendly wood the bed frames and bedsteads are long-lasting. The upholstered headboards are comfortable to lean against.
The composition of a solid bed frame, a stylish headboard and a sleeping system that is perfectly adapted to the sleeper guarantees the highest quality of sleep and also meets the design requirements.

You can also design your bedroom individually with beddings from the HOME COLLECTION. There is a wide range of pillows, duvets, covers and fitted sheets to choose from. Made from the best fabrics such as 100% pure organic cotton and of course washable.

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Experience the SCHRAMM quality

Visit your nearest SCHRAMM dealer and be advised by our experts, or visit our showroom in Winnweiler in the beautiful Palatinate region and get unique insights into the SCHRAMM bed manufactory.
The best hotels treat their guests with SCHRAMM beds. Take advantage of this for an extensive lying trial and sleep in a SCHRAMM bed for one or even several nights.

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Handmade in Germany

Since 1923

The internationally successful premium brand SCHRAMM combines traditional craftsmanship with a high degree of innovation and works beyond the usual mass production. In 2023, the bed manufacturer celebrates its 100th anniversary. Proven traditions pave the way to the future - SCHRAMM stands for long-lasting values and sustainable quality.