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Sauna, massage or Pilates - if you want to treat your body while on holiday, you can choose from a wide range of offers in luxury hotels or resorts. But feel-good beds with comfortable mattresses should be at the top of the booking list. Only they guarantee that the relaxation successes of the day are supported and continued at night. SCHRAMM hotel masttresses and beds provide the individual basis for relaxed sleep, making the night the most important wellness unit. Motto: Carpe noctem.

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Hotel beds by SCHRAMM offer unique sleeping comfort

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Hotel beds by SCHRAMM for a relaxing sleep

When it comes to offering their guests beds for a good sleep and a great night, only the best is good enough for the top hotels. Because whether on holiday or away on business, nowhere is the relaxation more complete than in a perfectly designed box spring bed. The German manufactory SCHRAMM offers the box spring beds of its ‘SAVOY’ range for the most discerning standards, specifically for hotel use. This is a win-win situation all round, as these hotel mattresses and hotel beds are the best advertisement for sleeping comfort based on the highest standards. This is also why SCHRAMM beds can be found in the top design hotels in Germany and throughout Europe.

Hotel beds by SCHRAMM offer maximum sleeping comfort

In high-quality SAVOY box spring beds, hotel guests experience a slice of luxury they no longer want to do without in their own bedroom at home. SCHRAMM also trains hotel staff in the proper handling of the hotel mattresses. If you want to provide your visitors a sound sleep, you certainly need hotel beds by SCHRAMM. Because only they guarantee optimal support of the relaxation phase at night. SCHRAMM beds and mattresses provide the individual foundation for relaxed sleep, making the night the perfect time to regenerate. A luxury mattress, comfortable beddings with cosy pillows and duvets round off your guest's hotel experience. Not only the design of the bed is convincing, but also the high sleeping comfort of the hotel mattress. with its pocket springs and its firmness, it guarantees a restful good night's sleep.

In hospitality, the aim is not just to create normal accommodation, but a temporary home away from home. An inviting room, with a sofa to rest on, a more than comfortable bed and cloud-like hotel pillows and duvets. The mattress topper also plays a particularly important role in a luxury hotel, because it guarantees not only pressure relief but also the all-important mattress hygiene and thus the longevity of the mattress. Visitors lie on custom-made, eco-friendly hotel mattresses that are temperature-regulating and also create an excellent sleep experience for side sleepers. The SAVOY range from SCHRAMM offers the right answer to all these demands.

Crafted to the highest standards of quality, this is the right bed for your hotel

Several criteria prompt leading hotels to choose SCHRAMM hotel beds and mattresses. Such as the furnace-tempered springs, for instance. SCHRAMM is still the last remaining company to practice this elaborate finishing process. After winding, each individual spring is slowly heated to nearly 300 degrees Celsius and then carefully cooled back down. This makes it extremely sturdy and permanently elastic and keeps the mattress from developing the familiar ‘mattress dipping’ over time. Once hardened, each spring is sewn by hand into little cotton pockets. The sewn-in springs form the core of every SCHRAMM mattress and every Schramm bed. Depending on the product, they are assembled to various levels of hardness based on different ‘formulations’ and then covered in several layers of fabric and upholstery.

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The highest standards of design – for the Who’s Who of the hotel sector

Hotel guests spend far and away the greatest portion of their stay in bed. This makes the bed the most important driver of customer satisfaction. Only visitors who begin their day rested and relaxed will later report that their hotel stay was enjoyable. That is exactly what unique hotel beds by SCHRAMM provide. There are no limits to the choice of your SAVOY hotel bed – luxurious and highly comfortable at the same time. Whether a single bed, double bed, upholstered bed or a wooden bedstead – compose a new dream bed for your hotel guests to match your furnishings, entirely to your specifications. The top hotels provide the right well-being atmosphere with luxury bed linen of a high thread count and soft pillows with natural filling. 

Features of SAVOY hotel beds by SCHRAMM:
  • Exquisite sleeping comfort
  • Long service life with high value and quality
  • Combinable with a wide variety of headboards from the SCHRAMM range, opening up an array of design options
  • Choose from among our own high-quality SAVOY mattresses
  • Easy to assemble
  • Plenty of advantages when cleaning – with removable covers, for instance
  • Hygiene/health

High-quality hotel beds by SCHRAMM – Handmade in Germany

The interplay of powerful support from the bottom mattress and a responsive top mattress form the basis for SAVOY, the double-mattress system by SCHRAMM . SCHRAMM established this system years before the hype surrounding box spring beds. Combined with a topper, it’s the foundation for the best comfort – Handmade in Germany. When it comes to accessories, nothing is left to be desired. With the large selection of piping and buttons in a host of different materials, there is a wealth of possible combinations to choose from, for a hotel bed of tomorrow that leaves nothing to be desired. Special sizes are available as well. Our modular system offers a very wide array of possible compositions. The headboard can accommodate modern night lamps and switch elements, among other things.

Become one of SCHRAMM’s major satisfied customers and join an exclusive circle in the hotel industry.

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Experience the SCHRAMM quality

Visit your nearest SCHRAMM dealer and be advised by our experts, or visit our showroom in Winnweiler in the beautiful Palatinate region and get unique insights into the SCHRAMM bed manufactory.
The best hotels treat their guests with SCHRAMM beds. Take advantage of this for an extensive lying trial and sleep in a SCHRAMM bed for one or even several nights.

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Handmade in Germany

Since 1923

The internationally successful premium brand SCHRAMM combines traditional craftsmanship with a high degree of innovation and works beyond the usual mass production. In 2023, the bed manufacturer celebrates its 100th anniversary. Proven traditions pave the way to the future - SCHRAMM stands for long-lasting values and sustainable quality.