Modern sleeping pleasure – pillowcases in a class of their own

Pillowcases by SCHRAMM combine the utmost craftsmanship with a love for elegant and timeless design. Everyone enjoys closing their eyes and drifting off to sleep in pleasantly cooling cotton sateen or soft percale. Pillows have many expectations to satisfy: they link decorative and aesthetic requirements with ergonomic tasks. Pillow covers by SCHRAMM present the ideal interplay of shape, colour, material and comfort. Their colour, size and structure will adapt to your individual ambience and interior styling. Blending in unobtrusively, they will transform your bedroom time and again to reflect a particular season or mood. Tone-in-tone or rich in confident contrasts – with a well-thought-out concept and timeless designs, cushion covers will set luxurious accents in your home decor. Tiny details like supersoft tassels, give these pillowcases that special something.

SCHRAMM uses traditional methods to create embroidery in manufactories and sew hem-stitched and stand-up seams. With a pillowcase by SCHRAMM, you are also taking a responsible decision for more sustainability: this is proven by the use of organic cotton and reliance on fair trade. Unadulterated luxury in pure white, beige or fashionable colours offers the best in sleep, relaxation and a very special moment of pleasure


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What makes a pillow so important to sleeping comfort?

Pillows are a central feature of your kingsize bed. They support healthy regeneration while you sleep. Fine-tuned to one another, the pillow and pillowcase elevate sleeping comfort to the highest level. Selecting the right materials, such as high-quality organic cotton, lays the groundwork for a pillow cover in a class of its own. SCHRAMM uses exquisite raw materials for its pillows and pillowcases. Soft cotton is a part of this success story. Zippers and decorative buttons complete the cushion cover by SCHRAMM, down to the details. The formats adapt to your individual expectations and needs. Adjust the amount of filling to integrate your pillow and cushion cover in pure cotton into your life – like an island of calm.

The fillings are carefully selected, too: new wool, camel hair, down from geese raised in species-appropriate conditions in Germany’s Münsterland region, or spherical polyester flakes for allergy sufferers. A skin-friendly cotton cover provides a pleasant feel, for a pillow cover that gently snuggles the head. Piece by piece, every pillow and every pillow cover are a testimony to skilled craftsmanship. But good quality alone is not enough. SCHRAMM always goes a bit further. Its Triple Down pillow is a masterpiece of innovation. Head and neck are supported by multiple chambers containing down wrapped in cotton. Available in three sizes, Triple Down is a regular on people’s wish lists. Paired with a cushion cover in the colour of your choice, such as white, cream, grey or beige, it will become your haven of peace. Discover our linen cushion covers which can also be used as decoration on your sofa to create wonderfully cuddly moments.

Classic sleeping culture in timeless elegance

Cases in elegant cotton flatter your pillows. Different cushion covers will change your sleeping landscape based on the season or mood. Use them in colours and structures that contrast or flatteringly blend in with your beddings. Tailored filling cushions in a variety of sizes and formats will breathe life into your pillowcases. This creates a pleasantly harmonious portrait of tranquillity. Give your creativity free reign with pillows, bolsters and decorative cushions that will lend your bedrooms an individual touch. With fine-tuned pillow covers, bring the joy of luxury and design into your bedroom every day.

The design of your surroundings influences the quality of your sleep. Many individual aspects play a role here – your choice of cushion cover included. SCHRAMM takes a comprehensive approach to its development of mattresses and design of beddings: from mattress to pillow cover, material, form and function must harmonise perfectly for maximum sleeping pleasure.


Pillowcases by SCHRAMM: functionality and style in harmony

Ergonomic and back-friendly cushions can be designed with style in mind. The collections by SCHRAMM demonstrate this in impressive fashion. Sophisticated materials, such as cotton as mako satin or percale, are processed using sustainable and traditional artisanal manufacturing methods.

Mattresses, pillows, duvet and pillowcases are well-thought-out down to the last detail. Harmoniously coordinated, they enable pure relaxation. Even by day, pillowcases and duvets offer an unmistakably elegant impression. This is where flowing contours meet cleanly designed shapes. The right cushion provides added comfort. The cosy pillowcase becomes an aesthetic yet functionally supportive highlight. This creates modern classics that accompany you day and night.

Shimmering satin, dense percale, seersucker or jacquard?

Pillowcases of different types are available from SCHRAMM. Choose from among percale, seersucker, jacquard patterns and smooth-woven finishes or different sizes. With each pillowcase, you are holding a piece of high-quality craftsmanship in your hands. Cotton woven in a satin weave presents a shine typical for satin. The high thread count of the long fibres ensures that the cases are supple. Elegant sateen or cotton pillowcases have a long tradition. SCHRAMM continues the tradition with classic designs.

Cotton satin has a pleasant, cooling effect, especially in summer weather. Cotton presents itself in top form as percale: its high thread count and plain-woven fine yarn create a visually matt appearance that is also soft to the touch. As a pillowcase, percale is distinctive for its special softness. Many of us know seersucker from the role it plays in men’s fashions. But this lightweight cotton fabric with its natural creased look is also popular as summer bed linen. Tiny ventilation channels make seersucker crepe breathable. Pillow covers seem particularly airy and provide a pleasant sleeping climate at high room temperatures. Ever since the 19th century, jacquard has been considered part of the high art of cotton weaving. This shiny and elegantly patterned fabric can be used to create cushion covers in exquisite variations. The smooth, cooling surface feels pleasant on the skin.


When design meets traditional craftsmanship and precision…

Where good sleep is concerned, the family-run business from Winnweiler belongs to the luxury class. Mattresses of the highest quality are manufactured here with experience, skill and craftsmanship. Beds and covers are designed in-house or together with selected designers, setting the highest standards in sleeping culture.

Here, craftsmanship joins forces with innovation and dedication. Materials are tested and selected with utmost care. Much of the workmanship is performed by hand, with great personal dedication. Traditional craftsmanship is kept alive, piece by piece, but innovations come to life here as well. This can be seen on a large scale and a small one: from the bed to the pillow cover. Hemstitching and embroidery, in classic and trendy colours, characterise pillowcases by SCHRAMM. Piece by piece, they can be combined with sheets and bed linen in elegant cotton to create individual sleeping landscapes. Coordinated with the mattress, these exclusive cushion covers offer comfort and enjoyment.