Luxury bed linens by Schramm

With matching, exclusive bed linen in a timeless design by SCHRAMM, you are in exactly the right place. The perfect bed, individually tailored to each person, calls not just for the right mattress but also eye-catching bed linens to match, such as pillow and duvet covers and bedspreads. Only you alone can find the path to a relaxing sleep. And that’s important. After all, we spend one-third of our lives in bed. Embellish your dream castle with new linen bedding by SCHRAMM.
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Embellish your SCHRAMM bed

The finest materials, together with matching designs and colours, characterise the luxury bed linen sets by SCHRAMM, bringing a special, exclusive touch to your bedroom. Made with finest cotton percale, high-quality natural fibre or valuable satin: each piece is a little delicacy for the night.

The special luxury designer bedlinens by SCHRAMM

Luxury bedding, consisting of duvet cover, pillowcase and fitted sheet, is something quite wonderful, because it delights the skin and the senses and fosters a positive feeling of well-being. In the evening, one longs to fall into a wonderfully snug box spring bed for pampering with exclusive bed linen. They are the key companion throughout the night and play a considerable role in the quality of our sleep. Valuable materials are a crucial part of the perfect feel-good factor throughout the year. Since the fact that slumber is also a feast for the eyes is well-known, matching designer bed linens are a must-have in your bedroom.
Designer bed linen or luxury bedding in absolute five-star quality for discerning tastes need not always be plain white. We help you combine the elements of the ideal luxurious bed, offering a wide range of designs, colours and fabrics even for duvet covers and pillowcases – such as pure cotton, organic cotton, Mako-satin bedding, percale bed linens, satin, jacquard and much more. As a traditional producer of beds, we have established ties to exclusive manufactories that, like us, only work with the highest-quality materials. There is probably nothing better than slipping into a wonderfully comfortable kingsize box spring bed in the evening after a long and tiring day, and cuddling up in fine bed linens.


SCHRAMM relies on nearly 100% OEKO-TEX®-certified upstream suppliers. Human skin is the natural link to the world that surrounds us. It loves contact with natural materials. Cotton, new wool, silk, linen, cashmere and camel hair all support the natural release of the skin’s moisture and have pleasant effects on people as they sleep. The materials adapt wonderfully to the body, permitting optimum regulation of bed climate and sensation of temperature.

Cotton bedding for comfort. In the case of pillowcases and duvet covers, SCHRAMM often turns to the comforting material of cotton. Even for those with slightly sensitive skin, cotton duvet covers and pillowcases are very comfortable to the touch and create a pleasant sleeping climate. Cotton is a durable and absorbent plant fibre with good wet strength. It is part of the upholstery of all SCHRAMM mattresses and bottom mattresses. The cotton filling of the toppers and, on request, also as a cover for the mattresses as a replacement for new wool, in case of allergy, is 100% kbA (controlled organic cultivation) quality (organic cotton).

Mako satin bed linens. Mako satin is satin of the highest quality and is distinguished by a particularly gentle feeling on the skin as well as excellent climatic characteristics. Consisting of natural 100% cotton with particularly fine threads, it shines as a result of a precious satin weave and presents a smooth and very soft finish that is generally perceived as very pleasant and supple on the skin. Mako satin bed linens are also very popular for their elegant, shimmering shine. Compared to linen and microfibre bed linens, satin bedding conjure up a wonderful shine in your bedroom.

When speaking of satin bed linens, one distinguishes between regular cotton satin and Mako satin. Satin bed linens are made of 100% cotton or organic cotton. Mako satin bed linens, however, are made of Egyptian cotton. Both fabrics present a shiny materiality and are very soft to the touch. Mako satin is the more sophisticated of the two materials.

At SCHRAMM, we put premium to practise. This is also reflected in our exclusive patterned or plain bed linens. Pure luxury, breathable, either in colour or quite plain in white. The right, exquisite bed linen for every taste.