Fitted sheets by SCHRAMM – elegant variations in all facets

The clear surface of a perfectly made bed has an appealing effect of inner organisation: undisturbed sleep is guaranteed at night, while high mattresses radiate exclusivity by day, even without a bedspread. Fitted sheets ensure an exact fit that projects the highest in quality. The supple material guarantees an optimal fit. It is quick to put on and stays in place.

The perfect interplay of bed, mattress and covers creates an even overall picture that invites you to rest and relax. The material, size and format of the fitted sheet must match for the purpose at hand. The dimensions are the different heights. High-quality cotton is particularly well-suited for use in fitted sheets. This natural fabric develops its full potential as a soft percale, cooling satin or warming jersey. As it smoothly envelops the mattress, breathable and moisture-regulating cotton promotes a good night in any season. This creates an environment that functionally and aesthetically carries you gently off to dreamland.

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Healthy sleep: mattress and bed linens in harmony

One’s surroundings are crucial to regeneration and relaxation. What matters is an excellent mattress that guarantees you a healthy, relaxed body position, together with exquisite bed linens that gently surround you as you rest. In addition to a bespoke box spring bed, SCHRAMM offers you beddings in the highest quality. Selected cotton is crafted to create fitted sheets and duvet covers that are well-thought-out, down to the last detail and perfectly matched.

Beddings by SCHRAMM meet the highest criteria for quality. The interplay of fitted bed sheet, topper, mattress, duvet, pillow, sheets and covers ensures adequate ventilation, perfect temperature regulation and active moisture control. This makes it easy to fall and stay asleep in all seasons. With SCHRAMM, you are choosing a symbiosis of aesthetics and functionality.

Perfection in fit and décor

A fitted sheet needs to adapt optimally to the size of the mattress, to surround it in a made-to-measure way. SCHRAMM fulfils this individuality, with products that create perfect combinations. The material of which the fitted sheet is made, with its special properties, is also considered when meeting the highest standards: while high-quality pure cotton remains dimensionally stable, jersey is stretchable. With a concealed and sewn-in all-round elastic, all SCHRAMM fitted bed sheets are a perfect fit and will always remain in the right position. The result has the stylish appeal of classic bed sheets.

Whether with a topper or without: flat sheets by SCHRAMM guarantee a perfect fit. Experience a harmonious composition of functional elements, such as the hemmed, concealed elastic and the non-iron material in correct dimensions, together with aesthetic aspects such as the smooth fit of the cotton fitted sheet.


A harmonious composition: percale, cotton satin and jersey

Like ordinary bedsheets, fitted sheets are available in a variety of materials. At SCHRAMM, all bed sheets stem from high-quality cotton that is subject to special requirements. This is where craftsmanship, design and innovation all converge. This creates custom-fit, skin-friendly, non-iron cotton fitted sheets that are a perfect substitute for traditional, linen bed sheets. Fitted sheets made of pure cotton in plain weave nestle gently against the body. Percale ranks among the robust, hard-wearing materials. This subtly matt and pleasantly soft cloth pampers the skin. Sheets made of cotton are dimensionally stable and densely woven, for an aesthetic commitment to a natural lifestyle. The SCHRAMM sheets, tailored for kingsize, double or single beds, have a thread count of 600 in total, or TC for short. This is only found very rarely. Beddings with 300 thread count is already considered excellent quality.

Satin belongs to the premium class of fine bed linens. In times past, satin linens were at home in castles and manor houses. Cotton was woven into shimmering fabrics in an elaborate satin weave that still contributes to a special atmosphere to this day. Mako satin, with its special long fibres, is available as the finest version. This creates a uniquely cosy and shiny cloth that is ideal for luxurious duvet covers. Jersey is a high-quality textile cloth. At SCHRAMM, it consists of more than ninety percent cotton and is reinforced through added elastane as Lycra. The fabric owes its elasticity and level of stretch to its method of manufacture: here, the cotton is knit. This is how jersey fitted sheets offer a high level of stretch. The soft and gently adaptive surface of a jersey bedsheet is pleasing to the touch, all year round.

Fitted sheets by SCHRAMM – a luxurious eye-catcher

Experience the upscale luxury of a 5-star hotel every day – with flat sheets by SCHRAMM. Pure white gives your room something fresh and invites you to linger. A double fitted sheet in white offers cool pleasure and sets the stage for a sea of different-sized cushions in the most beautiful satin.

Different textures converse with each other here: while satin beddings offer a precious shine, the appearance of percale is matt and discreet. In visual terms, the structures of jersey fitted sheets are perceived as a soft drawing. Together with duvet covers on the same colour scale, the overall picture that emerges is a harmonious one. Easy-care jersey fitted sheets are available in other colours as well. The scale ranges from flattering hues of cream, to tin and warm grey, to delicate eucalyptus.


Exquisite raw materials for dreamily delightful designs

SCHRAMM offers a modular variety of finely coordinated, high-quality products. The choice of a fitted bed sheet made of jersey, mako satin or percale is a function of size and style: the skin-friendly bed sheets with the concealed elastic in pure white or in delicate powder tones can be combined with beautiful pillowcases and duvet covers to create a landscape of sleep and rest all your own. We are here to help you combine bedsheets with linens. A good sleep, after all, calls for mindful support.