Enjoy heavenly sleep in exclusive duvets

Sleep is an individual, precious commodity. It contributes to regeneration in decisive ways and brings fresh strength. It also requires a healthy setting that suits your needs. A bed by SCHRAMM adapts perfectly to your individual needs, introducing luxury and cosiness to your bedroom. Just as a bed, mattress and topper make a perfect match, the duvet, pillows and covers also have a relationship with one another. The result is a specific and sensitively customised sleep climate, tailored to your personal requirements, that ensures calm and relaxation.

Light and pleasantly warm, the comforter filled with the finest down, elegant camel hair, pure cotton or pure silk caresses your body. Experience a luxury duvet that adapts to your specifications and preferences, based on the degree of warmth and weight you desire. Dream a winter’s evening away wrapped in a soft down comforter – or enjoy a summer night’s delight soothingly cooled in a duvet of organic hemp. Every duvet mirrors the experience, innovation and craftsmanship that go into its creation. With a sense of responsibility and uncompromising precision, the family-run business now in its fourth generation dedicates itself to your soothing sleep.

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The perfect duvet – customise your sleeping climate

External and room temperatures are perceived in different ways. A change may occur while falling asleep or while you sleep. Duvets and bed linens should take this fact into account and adapt to sleeping habits at the same time. Relying on natural materials for generations, SCHRAMM breathes life into sustainability: cotton, new wool, silk and camel hair all help balance out any fluctuations in temperature. They respond to the environment and your body. Breathability ensures good ventilation. The fabrics are moisture-regulating and keep you comfortable under your down duvet, even in hot weather.

Every duvet is well-thought-out, down to the smallest detail: from the filler to the matching cover. Light as a feather, down duvets come in all sizes, as do quilts with silk filling or a classic comforter – for cool country houses and all those who, even in winter, sleep with the windows wide open. Luxury bed linen like pillowcases or duvet covers are a great accessory to your bedroom. For a king size bed we recommand a double duvet, on the other hand, a single duvet is well suited for a smaller bed. With decades of experience, unsurpassed artisanal skills and a keen sense of innovation, SCHRAMM meets your sleeping requirements and fully adapts to your wishes. You may find what suits you best from a large collection of beddings, bedspreads, cushions, season duvets and blankets.

From filling to cover: precision without compromis

Tremendous dedication goes into the luxurious beds and elaborately crafted mattresses manufactured by SCHRAMM. Luxury duvets, pillows and covers blend harmoniously into this composition and complete it. Down to the smallest details, the materials and workmanship are a perfect match. The environment that results is the perfect companion – through the night and through the seasons. Where insulation, heat transfer and moisture regulation are concerned, the filling is crucial. SCHRAMM is highly mindful of the sources and quality of the down, wool and silk it uses. Especially with allergy sufferers in mind, the duvets are filled with high-quality Trevira branded hollow fibres of the highest fill power.

This individual selection takes all heat levels and all preferences into account. The cover reflects the same precision and attention that goes into the elaborately crafted duvets: the finish of these fine and densely woven cotton fibres is captivating. The exclusive ingredients that SCHRAMM uses are GOTS-certified. Thus, you can rest assured that your duvet is completely unpolluted.


Sleeping comfort with down, camel hair, silk or cotton

Elegant duvets by SCHRAMM surround you with their natural fillings: cotton, hemp, camel hair and silk are selected according to the highest quality standards. You are guaranteed to find the duvets that are right for you. Cotton fibres serve as filler and cover at the same time. Multiple characteristics come into play here. Particularly in the summer months, this breathable and moisture-regulating natural fibre used to fill a comforter creates a pleasant atmosphere that develops its fullest potential. To ensure a healthy sleeping environment at all times, SCHRAMM conducts regular inspections of this sustainable raw material, such as goose feathers, duck feathers, egyptian cotton and a non-allergenic version made of microfibre. When tightly woven to satin or batiste, cotton takes on a fine and nearly magical shine that enhances its pleasant cooling properties beneath a matching duvet cover. Silk ranks among the exclusive fabrics that will keep you splendid company throughout the night. This elegant material is lightweight, balances heat perfectly and wicks moisture away. Silk is ideal for anyone seeking a medium heat level. It brings coolness in the summer. In heated rooms, a silk-filled duvet can be used year-round. The properties of camel hair are impressive: it warms in colder temperatures and offers a pleasant cooling effect in warmer weather. A camel hair duvet can be used in all seasons. Luxury Duvets filled with camel hair have a pleasant weight that suits sleepers for whom silk duvets are too light. It gently snuggles up to the body to convey a sense of luxurious cosiness. A traditional, natural product that has been used for centuries, hemp is valued as a linen and is experiencing a renaissance as a filler. Like cotton fibres, hemp absorbs moisture and offers more of a cooling effect. Its long fibres convey elasticity and firmness to the touch. Light and resource-friendly hemp is GOTS certified and combined with organic cotton to create duvets that provide light levels of heat. Down is particularly popular, and not without reason: this classic envelops the body lightly and loosely. Goose down duvets by SCHRAMM are available in a variety of designs. The light version is recommended for all standard-temperature bedrooms. A classic comforter provides soothing warmth for those who seek a duvet they can use in the cool to cold rooms of detached country houses.

Between organic cotton and elegant batiste

SCHRAMM devotes the same attention to its duvet covers that it does to its mattresses and fillers. What matters are the size and compartments of the sewn squares, as well as the selection of the cover material. Particularly with down duvets, the cover fabric is a hallmark of quality. The satin weave creates a dense fabric that tightly and securely surrounds the down, yet stays soft and supple. Although a bit brighter-coloured, fine-threaded elegant batiste and sateen offer the same benefit when used as a cover fabric on a duvet. In combination with an exclusive duvet cover and matching pillows, it meets all the requirements for the best in sleep, all through the year. As an added advantage, the duvets are washable and thus anti-allergy.


Natural dreaming: sustainability at SCHRAMM

Duvets can be chosen to suit specific seasons or all the seasons. If you like it particularly warm in winter, it’s best to choose down-filled bedding to get you through the night. If you like things lighter, choose a duvet that offers a lower heat level. This is something you can always count on with SCHRAMM: all the fabrics and materials used are produced in harmony with nature. They are tested and contain no residues. The SCHRAMM collection does not only include cloud-like, temperature-regulating bedding, but also cosy, moisture-wicking bedlinen. All manufactured in an eco-friendly way and of course machine-washable.

The soft down and warm feathers come from geese raised in the Münsterland region of Germany. High-quality camel hair is processed carefully following natural, seasonal shedding by the camels. From voluminous, warm duvets, to light ones, to duvet covers: SCHRAMM takes the details to heart, ensuring you restful relaxation in warm and cold seasons alike. For this family-run business, these details include sustainability, ecological responsibility and perfect craftsmanship.