Your duvet cover – luxury you can feel

Shimmering satin, airy seersucker, precious jacquard weaves – beddings are so much more than mere covers. They envelop us at night, create an atmosphere during the day and express your personal style. Luxury duvet covers by SCHRAMM create the perfect envelope for light duvets and special fillings. This results in an elegant interplay ranging from bed to mattress to beddings. Healthy sleep calls for a healthy environment.

High-quality materials exude calm and cosiness. SCHRAMM accentuates the sustainability of nature’s best. Exclusive collections are created with a keen sense of responsibility for special people who want to enjoy the elegant things in life every night. From the big picture to the smallest of details, every duvet cover is well-thought-out and fits in perfectly with the sleep worlds of SCHRAMM. Combined individually, they result in very special creations that define an individual interior in your bedroom. With beddings by SCHRAMM, your dreams will come true – day and night.

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Design and inspiration in perfect combination

Time is precious. We spend more than a third of our time in bed. This is one more reason to consciously design our nights to give them form and colour. SCHRAMM achieves this in exclusive bedlinen collections that surround your duvet in flattering ways. They offer the utmost in aesthetic sleeping comfort. The clear design language of the dimensions governing the duvet cover is interpreted and executed in a wealth of ways. With luxury bedding by SCHRAMM such as pillows, duvets, sheets and blankets you can give your bedroom an individual style. Different sizes like a double duvet with the matching double duvet cover and a king size duvet complete the look.

The thoughtful variations available range from pure, unadorned finishes for minimalists to colour-contrasting, hand-width ribbon motifs, to precious embroidery in silver and gold threads. Beddings becomes the stylish centrepiece of the world you compose with pillowcases. What results is a sanctuary of calm and regeneration. And colours have an important role to play in this. Classic white, soft beige, nuances running from light grey to grey, soothing green, or the entire range of fine Burgundy hues – all of it is an invitation to relax and unwind. The dreamlike fabrics and patterns of these flattering bed linens are beguiling for their detailing as well – and they feature double hemstitching, piping, tucks or subtly glittering seams. Making the practical zipper a reminiscence of modern life.

Duvet cover – the stuff that dreams are made of

Satin bed linens have always been a sign of an upscale lifestyle. The cotton bedding in a satin weave presents itself in the most beautiful gleam in summer weather to become the perfect addition to a light duvet. Minimalist in plain fabric or stylish patterns, satin beddings are fresh- and exclusive-looking throughout the day.

The fine American cotton used in the Pure Style range is woven into a dense percale cloth. The matt finish of this lightweight, durable fabric is appealing to subtle natures. Used as a duvet cover in white, grey or green, it has a calming effect on the senses. Set fresh tactile and visual accents with seersucker. The natural creased look of this typical summer fabric is a fixture of upscale fashion and highly sought-after as beddings as well. Cooling and airy, the material embraces you with classic stripes. Woven jacquard bedding combines soft pure cotton with the tradition of exclusive craftsmanship. Only the best materials are used, such as linen, sateen and brushed, long staple cotton. An extremely high thread density of 600 thread count creates elegant duvet covers or cosy bedspreads. The plain pattern is fascinating for the gentle and imaginative way it reflects the light. Used in combination with a pillowcase in the same or a contrasting colour, the result is a dreamlike atmosphere in your bedroom created entirely to your own preferences. The luxury collection has a large range where you will find everything for your needs, whether for a single bed or also kingsize or superking model. A luxurious duvet cover from SCHRAMM is always the right choice to transform your bed into a cosy sleeping environment.


The utmost artisanal skill for the highest standards

Cotton is a versatile product of nature. Shiny as satin and jacquard fabric, or matt as percale, it is impressive for its sheer variety of looks. Duvets by SCHRAMM are filled with the finest camel hair, light down, precious silk or high-quality, hypo-allergenic Trevira brand hollow fibres. SCHRAMM attaches great importance to sustainability in everything it does. Certified organic cotton goes into the creation of the covers. The geese are raised in species-appropriate conditions in Germany’s Münsterland region.

Traditional craftsmanship, fair trade and sustainability are prerequisites for the selected range – from pillowcases to complete ensembles. Sustainability and aesthetics team up in a duvet cover in white or a colourful design. A family-run business, SCHRAMM has a tradition with numerous innovations spanning nearly a century. This commitment shapes the ethos over the generations, embodying a modern grasp of traditional craftsmanship. The interplay of manual crafting, the latest technologies and design creates the highest quality in every single area.

The duvet cover by SCHRAMM – modern sleeping pleasure in a class of its own

The captivating feature of a duvet is its lightness. The matching-size duvet cover offers the ideal complement. Supple satin shines in your preferred colours in the glow of your reading light, or with the sun streaming in through high windows. Quality is what you see in the details. Individual décor elements – such as the ornamental embroidery in golden thread – are executed with precision, a considerable share of the work performed by hand. Plain or patterned, fashionable colours such as grey, sand and green round out the overall design. Add decorative cushions of the same colour in silk velvet or create tonal contrasts. The up-to-date compatibility of individual pieces draws on the venerable principle of interiors built around individual standards. This creates a made-to-measure ambience of the highest quality, in colours that reflect your life.