The exclusive world of SCHRAMM cushions

Pillows, decorative cushions, cushions for neck or side support – there are many types of cushions that promote healthy sleep, assist while reading and help create a special atmosphere. Elegant decorative cushions as accessories and cushion covers will upgrade any bedroom. Depending on the season or mood, they transform the bedroom over and over again. Pillows become sumptuous designer cushions with matching covers made of luxury textiles such as jacquard or velour, with or without decor, geometric patterned or plain. SCHRAMM has exclusive offerings in every area of style, for every season.

The finest camel hair, pure sheep’s wool and soft down are transformed into wonderful cushion fillings. Nestled in cotton, they make sleep and relaxation an excellent experience. Wonderful fabrics with silk velvet and elaborate embroidery will quickly make these decorative cushions your favourite items. You say you prefer a purist flair? Cashmere and linen join forces in clear forms to combine the ecological approach with a touch of luxury. With its cushions, SCHRAMM sets the standard in living room and bedroom design, too. Individuality, craftsmanship and a keen eye for aesthetic trends characterise the family-run business, offering luxurious beds held in high esteem all over the world.

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From pillows to decorative cushions: elegance

Selecting the right cushion is mainly a question of the intended use. But they also measure up to the highest aesthetic standards. Use the modular design of our timeless pieces to create entire sleeping landscapes. Combine cushions in different sizes for a very special effect. Luxury cushions are available in different sizes and with different fillings. Large, voluminous forms of 80 x 80 cm are common, the somewhat narrower rectangular 50 x 70-cm format and the more supporting version in 40 x 80 cm (preferred by side sleepers). The cushions are filled with sophisticated, high-quality materials such as down, camel hair nonwoven or sheep’s wool. There are also special pillows with interiors thought-out and designed just as carefully our high-quality mattresses. Foam rods or balls of sheep wool are used here. Extra and reading cushions are typically smaller and often square-shaped. They can provide side support for the head or additional, cosy softness. The filling is made with high-quality down from geese raised in Germany. SCHRAMM pays close attention to animal welfare and sustainability.

Decorative and seat cushions have always been part of an upscale interior. They give sofas inviting eye-catchers and offer comfort when sitting or lying in bed. SCHRAMM offers decorative cushions in all colours. Selected fine fabrics, fascinating patterns and stunning embroidery in a wide range of colours – from white to pale pink and green to dark blue – lend these decorative accessories that special touch of exclusivity.

Healthy sleep needs support

SCHRAMM is known for its exclusive mattresses with technological sophistication for precise ergonomic adaptation to your individual anatomy. This is also evident in the cushions which are ‘Made in Germany’. Materials and workmanship meet the highest expectations: cushions are painstakingly filled with tested materials, while carefully sewn cushion cases, also available in organic cotton, ensure peaceful healthy sleep. Classic side sleepers have the choice and can opt for voluminous cushions with down or camel hair nonwoven and balls of sheep wool. The fillings in some cushions can even be individually tailored. Cushion covers include a practical zipper to simplify cover changes.

As sleep is an individual affair, SCHRAMM has a variety of cushions tailored specifically to their users. A pillow for back sleepers gently supports the natural contours of the cervical spine. Neck support pillows, or a flat version such as the camel cushion, are perfect companions ensuring a sleep climate with perfect temperature control. This cushion is even well-suited for people who sleep on their stomachs. Most people vary positions as they sleep. Their bespoke cushion must flexibly adapt to these movements and gently cushion them.


Purely a question of materials: pillowcases that have it all

SCHRAMM also devotes uncompromising precision to its cushion fillings. They must measure up to the highest standards. Pillowcases in organic cotton or pleasant batiste in beige or white snuggle up to the skin to gently absorb kinetic energy. With the pillowcase, the result is a microclimate that ensures regular ventilation. Our pillowcases are hand-filled with soft down. SCHRAMM pays careful attention to animal welfare. The head sinks down into an airy and fresh new cushion. All by itself, life's hustle and bustle fades away.

Elegant cushions made of natural hair are famous for their moisture regulation. The high-quality cushions benefit from the outstanding characteristics of camel hair and new wool. The material is distinguished by comfort, consistency and the way it stores and simultaneously balances heat. A cushion version such as the Triple Down pillow is where nature meets innovation. The middle row of this down-filled, multi-chamber cushion is additionally reinforced with special foam rods. This provides an individual approach to regulating the support of the head.

Perfect workmanship with a real passion for detail

SCHRAMM pursues a holistic approach combining utmost artisanal skills with a passionate love of detail. The family-run business is entirely dedicated to healthy, delightful sleep. The product range comprises exclusive beds and mattresses, sheets and pillowcases, bed linens and a whole world of cushions and pillows. This calls for the highest-quality material, design and workmanship. Accurately sewn cushion covers are a prerequisite for a perfect-fitting cover in velvet, cotton or linen. The cut and seams must be right for a pattern to develop its intended appeal. Besides bed linens and decorative items, SCHRAMM also emphasises the ticking. Create elegant accents with individual items and sets displayed on the sofa or in the sleeping area – or deliberately play with contrasts. Cushion covers can harmonise with the colours of surroundings, upholstery, duvets and throws. Or perhaps alternate smooth textures with roughened and silky ones. Elaborate embroidery is an eye-catcher. Play with formats, sizes and colours to bring creative inspiration into the mix and lend your rooms a special radiance.


Individual arrangements with perfection in mind

With SCHRAMM, you can integrate islands of calm into your everyday life. Luxury cushions in matching covers will radiate luxury and change the entire style and impression of a room. They seasonally adapt to temperatures to offer a balanced and soothing sleeping climate in all seasons. Pillowcases in natural cotton weaves form the foundation of a healthy exchange of air and moisture. With precision and utmost quality, SCHRAMM stands for sustainability. Cushion covers are durable companions that flatteringly marry fillings and pillowcases. The pattern of a single cushion cover can be appealing. Especially staged in a larger setting, cushion covers as a set have a connecting and inviting effect. Create impressive transitions with seat cushions in matching colours. Use cool blue or light grey, or a velvet cushion cover in warm colours such as brown and yellow, to set individual accents that highlight your personality.