Your bed tray – an elegant accessory for discerning tastes

The demands we place on our beds are growing. Your bedroom is evolving into a haven of peace and a zone of concentration in which to work and relax. As needs change, SCHRAMM responds with well-thought-out details. The exclusive beds manufactured by this family-run business can be modularly supplemented with bedside tables providing lighting options and connections for mobile phones and laptops. Accessories such as the bed tray facilitate individual and flexible use.

The serving board reinterprets traditional forms, reviving the idea of the upscale breakfast replete with serving tray and newspaper. Aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to use, the generous storage surface offers plenty of space, making it a suitable replacement for a table. Its format and features are not out of place and instead adapt to the ambience you have created. Traditional oak in a natural or dark stained version offers a classic combination with white cotton to create a tasteful and harmonious atmosphere. The bed table easily blends in with a modern setting or deliberately luxurious surroundings.

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Your quiet zone – for comfortable time spent at home

For many, the bedroom is evolving into a complex quiet zone where we can relax or dedicate ourselves to concentrated and creative work. A bed by SCHRAMM offers an ergonomically pleasant setting in which to think and work creatively. The large usable area and the well-thought-out overall design make for perfect conditions. Whether manually operated or motorised, SCHRAMM mattresses are easy to position for relaxing reading, a leisurely breakfast or full concentration on the task at hand.

This will make the bed tray by SCHRAMM your favourite. In lieu of the spatial limitations and the challenge of balancing a fold-down tray table, SCHRAMM offers you a stable organic serving board with space for a laptop and writing utensils. The self-balancing version of the laptop bed table is intentionally non-folding and based on a simple principle: high-quality polystyrene balls filled to an exact level will offset height differences to keep the fine crafted oak work and storage top safely in place. The wooden tray is at home anywhere on the bed or sofa, serving as a sturdy substitute for a table while offering space enough for beverages and laptop alike.

A serving tray for a relaxing breakfast or afternoon tea

A mattress offers you a relaxing balance. It gives you tranquil recuperation from the stresses and strains of everyday life and a space in which to let your thoughts roam free. Let your Sunday morning begin with a cup of coffee on the bed tray. A book and a cup of tea will kick off a late afternoon in bed. While conventional boards, particularly foldable ones, have a footprint of their own, the serving board by SCHRAMM offers you storage space you can count on. For breakfast in bed, feel free to place the teapot and teacup on the lustrous oak tray. Safely and stylishly accommodate your newspaper or book, reading glasses and mobile there, too.

Its exclusive design and high-quality workmanship make the breakfast tray by SCHRAMM an icon. Plates, cups, napkins or even a decorative floral arrangement can be arranged on light or dark wood. Rather than fight fold-down legs, SCHRAMM’s design relies on innovation: Mellow, the wooden tray, rests on a cushion filled with polystyrene balls. It automatically shifts to adapt to any surface. Comfortably rest it on your knees or simply set it down next to you.


Functional and adaptable, but with style

The finish below conventional boards must be flat and firm to keep the folding legs from wobbling. Even during serving, the legs can often get in the way. SCHRAMM creates great things even on a small scale: Mellow, its well-thought-out tray, is a stylish addition to your bed. The view of a serving board changes when the way it works is tailored to the bed. A foldable serving tray finds its place on the level top of a table or sideboard, whereas our Mellow bed tray actually becomes a table in its own right.

For Mellow, SCHRAMM selected a traditional oak design. With its historically rich, characteristic grain, this dimensionally-stable wood presents the elegant simplicity of a long banquet table. It features a raised edge for added safety and to protect against slipping. With the flexible base, SCHRAMM has devised an innovative solution to take the place of wobbly, foldable legs. The white cotton cover is reminiscent of fine table linen. At the same time it corresponds with the design of the bed itself. A simple yet secure Velcro fastener attaches the bed tray to the supporting cushion. This makes it more flexible to use. It can also be easily turned into a serving tray outside the bedroom. The pillow cover is removable and washable. The functionality is also given by the feet which can be folded and the easy-to-clean board. The wooden board is an ideal item that can be used rather as breakfast tray or laptop tray. 

To match the interior: light- or dark-stained oak.

When it comes to tasteful furnishings, oak is a classic. Where aesthetic relationships are concerned, the references include the wide planks of castle flooring, oak parquet, tall double doors and panelling. Form and colours cancel out any sense of weightiness. A certain weight can be an asset, though, particularly in the case of a serving board. A serving tray should fit perfectly in the hand and offer the same kind of dependable stability. This is even truer of a tray used primarily for breakfast in bed. Breakfast serving trays with folding legs may look practical at first glance, but the legs themselves soon get in the way. SCHRAMM eliminates folding legs and sets new standards with the innovative and well-thought-out Mellow.

With SCHRAMM, rediscover what bed trays can be. SCHRAMM, a family-run business, has an awareness for tradition, a keen sense of innovation, a passionate love for design and a tremendous connection to craftsmanship. Its bed tray is living proof of this extraordinary blend. Mellow, a bed tray for breakfast, eliminates wobbly folding legs. Precisely balanced, the weight of the board made of wood matches that of the white cushion base to lend it the necessary support. The tray serves as a table and invites you to take breakfast in bed or relax as you work on the sofa.


Material selection and design with maximum sustainability in mind

The alternative to the foldable bed tray for breakfast is an exclusive creation that completes your interior design. Your bed tray by SCHRAMM is also a conscious and responsible decision for sustainability and the environment. The sturdy wooden bed tray is made using sustainable raw materials. Its shape as a serving tray is as timeless as the wood of the oak tree itself.

It will radiate pleasantly tasteful nonchalance with every breakfast – even after decades of use. Combining the tray with a white pillow is as ingenious as it is simple. The bed tray becomes a multifunctional bed table, its elegant wooden surface offering space not just for breakfast but for your laptop as well. Pleasant to the touch, the washable cotton cover features a sophisticated design that connects perfectly with its surroundings.