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Product information "DOG'S DIVAN"

Dog's Divan is the two-mattress-system or boxspring bed for dogs. Two pocket spring coushions let every four-legged friend sleep satisfied and cosy. Man's best friend should be able to lie well eventually. A wenge lacquered wooden substructure with perforated holes provide a good ventilation. The covers are detachable, have a comfortable soft touch and can be maintained in a gentle wash at 30 ° C


  • Covers removable; zipper
  • Special dimensions upon request
  • Special dimensions cannot be exchanged
  • Handmade in Germany
  • Covers: 100 % Polyester (Sythetic Leather)
  • Pillowfilling: Pocket spring core with Micro-Pockets
  • Washable at up to 30°C, delicate wash
  • Not to be tumble dried

Dog’s Divan – the box spring bed for dogs

A healthy, fulfilling life includes sleep, and dogs are no exception to the rule. A time-out to relax in a comfortable, luxury dog bed gives your pet power and strength for new adventures. When choosing the right accessories, quality is paramount. At SCHRAMM, this involves not external appearance alone, but also a harmonious form focussed on your pet’s physiology and well-being. Treat your dog to relaxing rest – with the Dog’s Divan by SCHRAMM. A grown dog needs fifteen to twenty hours of sleep each day. Your pet spends around six to eight hours of this period in deep sleep. It spends the rest of the time dozing. To a dog, a comfortable position in a correctly sized bed is crucial. Older pets especially will appreciate a balancing lying surface that ergonomically adapts to the physical build and relieves the spine. The classic double-mattress system is proven here, too, and offers your dog pleasing comfort. Manufactured to proven principles, the pocket spring core cushions are an invitation to dreamland, offering younger and older dogs alike a warm nest based on an elegant and well-thought-out design.

A dog bed in a class of its own – a relaxed position thanks to the double-mattress system

Our four-legged friends have tension and back pain to contend with as well. As our pets age, their posture problems can become particularly noticeable. Their musculoskeletal systems and back muscles undergo change. These changes affect large dogs more often. Prevent and gently offset these changes with the right bed in the right size. The luxury pet bed by SCHRAMM draws on the experience and expertise of more than ninety years of mattress construction to create a high-quality alternative to a dog basket or simple mat. The natural flexibility of the heat tempered springs individually adapts to your dog’s physical build. Used in the Dog’s Divan, the double pocket spring core mattress is a practical pillow that can be stacked to create a comfortable place for your pet to rest and sleep. The dog cushions are positioned in a sturdy wooden substructure with drill holes. This guarantees permanent ventilation for thermal regulation and moisture control. Together with the lower dog mattress, this creates a steady foundation on which the top pet pillow can securely rest. Its formulation and design are a perfect match for your pet’s physical build: pressure balancing and supporting, it ensures a relaxed position for sleep and rest that has a positive mental and physiological effect on your furry friend, just like an orthopaedic bed.

Dog’s Divans by SCHRAMM – harmonising ergonomics and design

The canine musculoskeletal system parallels our own. Larger pets in particular run the risk of developing back problems as they age. A dog’s bed can positively influence its mood and body. Along with considerations of size and format, the means of entry, the materials used and the overall structure all play a decisive role. SCHRAMM dedicates its experience, knowledge and technical skills to dog beds as well. Its uncompromising precision can also be seen in the elegant design. Each Dog’s Divan is manufactured with the same precision and individual specifications. Unlike a dog sofa or dog basket, the entrance to the dog bed is practical and simple. There are no barriers for your dog to overcome. Despite the double pillow, your pet will recline at a comfortable height. The dog bed edge is padded to create a protective nesting effect that your pet will enjoy when sleeping or use to rest its head as a pillow when dozing. Double cushions can accommodate the double-mattress system with all the benefits. Add a blanket made of fleece for a pleasant snuggle effect while warming your pet at the same time. Made of sturdy, stretchable imitation leather, the cover has the added benefit of being washable and to a part water-resistant. Compared to a dog basket or dog sofa, the structure’s clear design also offers the advantage of smooth, easy-clean surfaces. The dog bed can also be configured to match the fabric and colour of your SCHRAMM bed, whereby the outer cover is removable. In order to ensure breathability and the removal of moisture, a waterproof cover has been dispensed with.

Down to the smallest detail: elegance and exquisite raw materials

A four-legged friend usually sleeps close to its people. The Dog’s Divan, a design classic by SCHRAMM, combines well with all interior styles. A luxury dog bed for cuddlers. The solid wooden frame is stained in a dark colour and harmonises superbly with the soft microfibre velour of the double cushions in a leather look. On oak parquet or the wide planks of castle flooring, this version is visually and physiologically superior to any simple basket. Our Dog’s Divan with its dark covers combines well with a dog blanket. The clear design language gives you creative freedom alongside all the things your pet loves. This ensures that your pet will accept the cosy Dog’s Divan as you effortlessly integrate the sleeping space into your interior. The luxury pet beds are available in different sizes, whether a smaller dog bed for a puppy or a large dog bed for a full-grown adult dog. In a comfy dog bed your pooch will snooze peacefully.  

Sustainability and environmental awareness for humans and animals

SCHRAMM focusses on sustainability in its materials and manufacturing. Now in its fourth generation, this family-run business has dedicated itself to a long line of tradition. The interplay of design, material, colour and comfort has been honed to perfection. The balance of materials, precise awareness of sources and cultivation, and particularly its exquisite workmanship characterise the Dog’s Divan by SCHRAMM compared to conventional dog baskets. Particularly through its durability, the dog bed contributes to the environment. Cushions on an ordinary dog sofa are fixed, but with this version the cover of the dog cushions is easy to wash. In lieu of care-intensive leather, SCHRAMM has devised a cover with aesthetic appeal and great resilience all in one. Soft, microfibre velour caresses your furry friend, offering an elegant visual complement to a leather sofa or armchair – and it’s easy to clean. The Dog’s Divan is available in two sizes. This is a handcrafted item of furniture of the highest quality.

A sleeping place and a comfortable dog bed where your four-legged friend can rest

A dog bed has high expectations to meet: from intensive everyday use to orthopaedic requirements and the appeal of a stylish design. That is why the Dog’s Divan by SCHRAMM is available not only in different sizes but also in the customary quality, much of it crafted by hand. It is precisely tailored to the needs of pets and humans and their symbiotic relationship. Aesthetically speaking, this dog bed ranks among the finest. It is a perfect fit for any country house, loft or villa. Accessories such as a blanket will stylishly elevate the cosiness factor. The excellent care properties will make this sleeping place a favourite for years to come and soon an integral fixture of your lounge or library, for example.