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High performance meets unbeatable sleeping comfort

Apart from regular training, healthy nutrition and mental strength are the cornerstones of top-class sport. Those who give their body the necessary attention are capable of outstanding performance at work and in everyday life. The body regenerates during the night, replenishing its energy for the new day.

In professional sports, mere nuances can determine the distance between victory and defeat. Angelique Kerber explains how important it is to ensure the best possible regeneration following competition or in daily life. As a world-famous tennis player, she knows the positive effects of excellent sleep on achieving optimum recovery.



Health is the most valuable asset we have. That is why it has to be just as important as success in everyday life. As an integral part of every regeneration process, sleep must be taken into account in one’s daily routine. Good sleep positively affects the balance of physiological functions and boosts performance.

- Angelique Kerber -

Sleep and performance – how do the two fit together?

Sleep is an important part of a healthier life. Today, there are millions of people who have difficulty sleeping. The pressure to perform in everyday life is constantly mounting, and demanding jobs create additional stress. In this digital world, it is increasingly difficult to ‘power down’ and recharge one’s batteries. This makes it all the more important to decelerate after a hectic day and treat oneself to sufficient sleep.

A restful night’s sleep is essential to mental and physical health. The right mattress system provides the decisive foundation for this. But that alone is not a miracle cure; the bed interior – such as matching pillows, duvets or the bedroom design and its comfortable atmosphere – also have a very important role to play and contribute to the quality of our sleep. But ultimately it is the person him- or herself and their attitude that accounts for the approach to and optimisation of healthy sleep.

Why does good sleep affect performance?

How can you be mentally fit after waking up and do your best in the face of everyday challenges, maintaining energy, performance and concentration levels? Anyone who feels rested, focussed and comfortable during the day has optimally regenerated during the night.

Top performance requires seven to nine hours’ sleep during the night. Those are the periods when we pass through light, deep and REM phases of sleep that are so important to us. We need these phases to recover from stress and physical exertion. This is when the important processes of muscle-building and regeneration occur, along with neuronal restructuring. Experiences are worked through, and motor processes are stored. Toxic compounds from dead cells produced in the brain by day are removed to leave the mind fresh and fully operational once again the next day.


What factors are important to improving the quality of your sleep?

The requisite attention should be paid to finding the right mattress and bed; after all, we spend around one-third of our lives sleeping. This makes it all the more important to be mindful of quality. This is how you create the best conditions for your body and mind to regenerate efficiently while you sleep. Listen to your body. The next morning, it will give you the most reliable sign of having slept really well the night before.

Everyone has his or her own personal requirements when it comes to sleep and lying down. With its sleeping systems, the SCHRAMM bed manufactory has dedicated itself to this aspect of individuality for nearly 100 years. The German premium brand has been developing high-end bed systems for generations, based on the proven double-mattress system: a combination of top and bottom mattresses that efficiently distribute pressure, accommodating and supporting the body in its sleeping position. This knowledge has been developed further over the years, and today we are able to respond in very individual ways to our customers’ needs. The result is a product tailored specifically to you and personalised after a brief wearing-in period.


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My experience of the SCHRAMM philosophy and its emphasis on relaxation for body, mind and soul confirms how important it is to get the best sleep possible.

- Angelique Kerber -


What functions must a mattress system perform?

The mattress system should perfectly accommodate and support a sleeper’s body contours, so that the muscles can relax at night. Powerful, but not hard – elastic, but not soft. A key to a straight spine for sleepers lying on their side is the correct sinking depth for shoulder and hips. Because too much pressure here can result in tension and poor sleep.

Mattress systems by SCHRAMM are precision crafted by hand, offering individual spring strengths that guarantee the decisive advantage. Did you know that a person loses an average of half a litre of moisture each night? Given this fact, bed climate also has a significant role to play! Elaborate stitching (SCHRAMM blind stitching) is used to join the upholstery materials, which are not glued nearly airtight, as is typically the case, to create the best bed climate.


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As a top athlete, I learned to listen to my body. I spend 40 weeks a year travelling and playing in one tournament after another. This makes it all the more important to make the best possible use of periods of regeneration and integrate these into my training plan. My body confirms this day in and day out after training or a competition.

- Angelique Kerber -

Why is a double-mattress system the foundation for the best sleep?

There are lots of different sleeping systems, of course. SCHRAMM maintains the traditional upholstery technology of the double-mattress system, consisting of the spring bottom mattress and the pocket spring core mattress. Crafted purely by hand, unique items are created that accommodate the parameters of the human body along with individual habits and preferences – down to the smallest detail. This creates different spring forces along the longitudinal axis within a single mattress. After all, people do not weigh the same all over. The pelvis accounts for around 42% of body weight, for example, and requires more support than the legs or waist to balance out pressure and relieve the spine and musculature.

With ongoing innovations throughout the entire manufacturing process, many developments and SCHRAMM patents, pure sleeping pleasure and dreamlike lying comfort are guaranteed. In the only such operation in the world, our manufactory mattresses are made exclusively using permanently elastic springs that have been furnace-tempered after winding – for springs that resist fatigue and overloading.

How do you find the bed that’s right for you?

Because every body has different physiological conditions, individuality is always at the forefront. Important factors, such as a person’s anatomy and its stability or mobility, play a deciding role in the purchase of beds or mattresses. Only a visit to a specialist retailer provides the foundation for a good sleep. You need to feel the materials for yourself!

The perfect bed system should offer differentiated adaptation through spring force along with an excellent bed climate. Sustainable materials ensure better sleep and benefit our planet and its environment. If you then also find the right mindfulness for a decelerated lifestyle, there will be nothing left to prevent restful and relaxed sleep.


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Tips for your best night's sleep

How do you find sleep that’s good and relaxing for you? The ideal solution would be to adopt a sleep routine that will effectively prepare you for a night’s sleep.
Anyone who falls asleep quickly, rarely wakes up during the night and sleeps for at least 85 percent of the night is said to enjoy a good night’s sleep.


A ritual to decelerate, such as reading a book or listening to relaxing music, can be just as helpful as a short evening walk before bed.


As we humans are creatures of habit, keeping a constant bedtime can promote sleep, too.


Maintaining a balanced diet throughout the day will help promote your metabolism and give you added vitality.


Wherever possible, the room should be well tempered and darkened. Peaceful surroundings and an adequate supply of oxygen are also beneficial.



Regular exercise and movement helps to manage stress and thus contributes significantly to mental and physical health.



A bed system tailored to you increases the quality of your sleep and thus enables your body and mind to recover and recover in an essential way.



If you give enough importance to your sleep and take care of your health, you can successfully cope with everyday life and your job.